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Procurement of tea by Harry & Company
(Damodar Shivram & Company)

The procurement of tea is done from the North – East region of India (Assam, West Bangal, Meghalaya ) and Southern India (Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala) directly from TEA ESTATES and as well as from the AUCTION CENTERS. the The company mainly deals in Assam Tea. It is envisaged and proven that the best tea in India is produced in Assam. The soil and climate conditions of Assam give the Tea a unique aroma more strength and lasting quality. Wonder then that the Assam Tea is ranked as the best Tea in the world.

The company has its own source at most of the purchase points unlike many other Tea procurement companies. The company thus is able to ensure consistent quality and continuous procurement and supply to meet the ever – increasing demands of the market in India and the overseas markets. The company believes that “ Quality Is Never An Accident But Result Of High Intension Sincere Efforts, Intelligent Direction And Skilful Execution.

Procurement Of Tea At Different Auction Centers :
1. Harry & Company - Kolkata (West Bengal)
2. Harry & Company - Guwahati (Assam)
3. Tea People - Siliguri (West Bengal)
4. Bright & Brisk – Coonoor (Tamilnadu) &
Some Auction Centers Through Other Buyers.

The blending by Sonrise tea processing company
The blending is an art. The art is not acquired over night but the result of experience, expertise and natural gift. The essential determinants of tea quality viz. Aroma, Taste, Briskness and Brightness depends on the process of BLENDING. The process involves blending of Different categories of Tea in a fixed ratio to create the desired quality of tea using state of art machinery.

Quality of Tea

Continuous and consistent procurement of tea from tea gardens and auction centers coupled with expertise in tea blending and exacting ratios and automised processes ensure the grades of tea desired by the company. The company brands display a richness of aroma, strength, briskness and brightness along with an exotic taste.
The completely automised process ensures exacting hygiene standards. The company also processes the flexibility to customise the blend for any specific market.


The company lays paramount importance to the presentation of the products in the market and thus handles the packaging process with great élan. The blending tea is packed in customised packets with the use of specialised machines. The wholesale packaging are from 5 Kgs. To 21 Kgs. Where as small packets range from 10 to 1000 Grams in poly pouches, pet jars and card board boxes.

Domestic Sales

The distribution of tea takes place through group companies with branches at Kolhapur, Karad, Pune, Mumbai, Akola, Deorukh, Sangameshwar, Chiplun, Nipani & Belgaum (Karnataka) Margao (Goa) and through Dealer Network.

The distribution of tea takes place through Group Companies and Dealer Network.


The company exports tea to United Kingdom in form of loose tea in 125gm packets and tea bags in 125gm packages, also exporting to U.S.A. through other agencies. Company with it’s own export division is trying to meet the over increasing demands of the international market. Target markets are U.S.A., Far East, Russia, CIS countries and Europe.

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